• But the real Frontal electric forklifts
  • Frontal termic forklifts
  • Electric pallet
  • Electronic column lifts
  • Internal use retractable forklift trucks
  • External use retractable forklift trucks
  • Low level manual pallet
  • High level manual pallet
  • Trilateral special trucks
  • Towed tractors
  • All markes used forklifts
  • Traction Batteries Battery charger
  • Equipment for lift trucks

Value added of our articles (still based on the USER FRIENDLY philosophy ) it's our sales staff.

Trained in Italy, it will be able to suggest the best possible solution to your logistics needs.
The ON-LINE link with the headquarter allows them to "see" all the information about used and new lift truck, ecquipments and all other products available, that you might need.

The technical improvements made by the mother company reach our staff wherever they are in real time keeping up to date on any news.
All our products, both new an used lift trucks, are placed on the market with ISCIR AUTHORIZATION

...and if you want to effectively check what your truck lift does in every minute of his presence in the company, it can be equipped with a device that tells you who has drove it, when, how long, which breaks with or if he has suffered shock or damage, if it has been on the maintenance at the right time.

Ask information to our area managers!
Te staff is prepared to provide the best solutions for Purchase and Rental short and long term.

Certification of the process in place on market of the new forklifts / used forklift revision / external and to our sites maintenance and intervention / offers / sales / rental UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 obtained in 2003.

Warranty on used and reconditioned trucks from 3 to 12 months. Warranty on new trucks from 12 to 36 months Authorization ISCIR internal responsible dedicated and involved in processing.
Financial Partners recognized at European level.

Flexible contracts depending on the client needs and country of residence.